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15th August 2020

Strong Leadership is essential in normal business conditions but is even more so during the Storm.

Your employees are your key assets – ensuring they feel valued all the time will be critical for your future success. Here are some tips for ensuring you are acting ethically and leading in any situation:

Be Transparent

  • Share your vision
  • Be optimistic about the opportunities that are in front of you all
  • Be open. Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t have all the answers
  • Don’t overload your team with too much information which may become
  • Celebrate successes, however small

 Involve the Team

  • Set up a Facebook Group, Microsoft Teams area or similar space to keep
    everyone communicating with each other
  • Hold daily virtual “huddles”
  • Brainstorm ideas with them – you will find they will have some creative
  • Get the team to share stories of what they’re doing to keep busy and positive –
    potentially share your thoughts  with them (see below)

 Show Compassion

  • Demonstrate you care. Simply acknowledging that this is a difficult time for
    people and asking how they are coping is an important first step
  • Ask what can you do to support? It may be nothing, but simply asking shows
    you care
  • Some employees will be affected more than others, dealing with such issues as
    family healthy, job insecurity, or supporting front-line key workers. Respect that
    everybody’s situation is unique to them
  • Be mindful that individual circumstances may change quickly due to health
    issues, childcare provision, home-schooling, etc.
  • Recognise that working from home is likely to be new and uncomfortable for
    many. It is unreasonable to expect employees to be available all day every day
    during these times



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