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Himanshu has worked in the engineering consulting and management sector for over 18 years, initially in the core engineering before moving into broad range of management experience of projects, team structures, products, innovations and business growth. He has broad range of knowledge and experience in the business growth strategies combined with world-class proven strategies developed and used over and over by Chrysalis Partners for the business growth. Himanshu is a Chartered Structural Engineer and Professionally Certified and Experienced Management expert who has worked closely with high profile clients on high profile projects.

Himanshu has served the top clients in the technology, energy, telecom & building industry for industrial, commercial, education, consumer and private sectors.

In his previous partnership, he has helped to bring over £5m consultancy revenues in one market alone.

He helps SMEs in the following industries;

  • Education
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Services Sector
  • Design Innovation

He passionate about providing clarity in identifying goals and action plans using well structured strategies, and drives growth with the business owners to make sure they achieve them.



Tel No. 020 8064 1585

“At the start of our 6 months set of meetings, I was uncertain how useful this would be. I have embarked on this sort of activity before with minimal benefit. However, in the hands of Himanshu the pace and pattern of this process has made a real difference to us. We have started to get as a team and become much more productive on our path to become investment-ready.  Throughout the course Himanshu was always available for queries and comments and I am encouraged by the knowledge that he will remain in the background as we move forward. We highly recommend this program to anyone trying to turn their ideas into a real-world product and we look forward to working with Himanshu in the future.”

Simblock Ltd, Oxfordshire

“Himanshu is a great business consultant who knows his stuff and quite meticulous in detail and pointed out a number of improvements in our business. We requested Himanshu to help in our long-term strategies, especially how to effectively convert sales for the growth. He developed and helped implementing strategies around and content writing (which was excellent and powerful), that is now well poised for the success. The sessions with him are extremely valuable, well defined and changed the way I look at and do the business. I would surely believe Chrysalis comes with well-defined strategies on key areas of the business which help the business owners transform and grow, without doubt. I would highly recommended Himanshu..”


Oriel Technology Ltd, Milton Keynes

“Himanshu takes the complex business challenge and solve it in the simple answer. He is simply Outstanding who has natural ability to get the very best out of people. If you find yourself torn in a many different directions, he is able to help you prioritise and set attainable goals. He is full of energy with simplicity which inspires all those around him. He is also very helpful and welcoming to others asking for help. Highly recommended.”

Map Investment Partners Ltd, Harrow

“We worked with the Chrysalis Partners business models using a business growth consultant for 15 months. The sales and marketing systems they implemented helped grow the company from start-up to over £1/2 M turnover, whilst preparing the company for further growth.”


Hardware Business, Sussex

Our primary objective is to help you to grow your business by driving both sales revenues and profitability. We are incentivised financially to develop your business and bring you the success and freedom you are looking to achieve.

Business is tough (and lonely) and as you may be aware, around 80% of all new businesses fail in the first 5 years. This statistic looks set to continue, therefore it’s our objective is to provide a service that can help businesses to not only cement their place in the industry, but also to thrive and differentiate against the competition.


  • Profitability
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Systems
  • Workshops

We offer support and guidance for growing businesses exactly when they need it the most, delving into the intricate details of the business, ensuring that any issues or areas for potential improvement are highlighted quickly. Despite the fact we work within the consulting industry, we are far from what you would traditionally expect from a ‘consultant’.

Instead, we take a key interest in each detail about your business, working with you to make improvements in marketing, sales and internal efficiencies and processes. Our objective is to grow the business, make it run smoothly and improve the quality of life for the business owner(s).

The service we provide

We work with you to break down your business into component pieces.  Adding sales in theory is always welcome, however sales with poor margins make no sense for any business.  Furthermore, more sales when you do not have the back end systems to cope with the additional growth can also result in disaster for businesses.  Our main goal is to take you through the logical steps to develop your business and achieve growth in profitability and sales, both in the short and medium to long term.

We will work with you for as long as you need us to and we have some client relationships which have stretched for many years, others much less.  We want to add value to your business and work with you and your key personnel to gain momentum in your marketplace and free up some of your precious time to do what you do best.

Our processes and systems work on all businesses across all industry sectors.  Our many systems work and have been proven over and over and have been honed over many years of experience of helping businesses to grow.  Remember, we only achieve success if you achieve success so it’s imperative that we get it right.

There are many reasons people choose to use our services, including:

Expert advice and guidance regarding business growth and expansion

A key insight into potential issues with the way your business is currently performing

Support for exactly the right amount of time

Your business remains yours – and everything is always in your control

Together, we can create a business you will be delighted with, and that will bring with it the quantifiable results that you can see and enjoy for yourself.

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